Spec Screenplay - Randi Scouse
Graphic "Randi Scouse" tells the story of a twenty-four year old reporter for a 'People'-type magazine. Randi has a lot of unresolved issues in her life. She has a difficult relationship with her cold, distant father, and she still hasn't come to grips with the death (due to leukemia) of her beloved older sister twelve years earlier. But her biggest hang-up -- and the one that gets her into trouble -- is her unusual taste in males: She's only attracted to pretty boys in their teens, preferably in their early to mid-teens -- the kind of boys you see in the pages of teen idol magazines like 'Tiger Beat'. Despite all these problems, Randi does volunteer work monitoring a troubled twelve year old girl named Jasmine.
      One day Randi is assigned to interview her favorite former teen idol act, a has-been family rock group called The Salingers. She contacts the strong-willed, terminally ill family matriarch Marilyn Salinger and gets invited to the family home for a weekend reunion. But Randi makes a serious error in judgement -- She brings Jasmine along (with Marilyn's permission).
      At the Salinger family home she meets The Salingers, including the youngest family member -- fourteen year old Tommy, who she's immediately infatuated with. Over the weekend she learns about the Salingers' many hang-ups and problems. On her last night with them she gives into temptation and kisses Tommy. Jasmine sees her do it and goes into a rage (She has a crush on Tommy too). Jasmine sets fire to the house. The house is destroyed but everyone survives.
      Randi loses everything: her job, her fragile relationship with her father, and her good name, once the story hits the tabloids. But as a result of the debacle, she finally confronts her immaturity and her unresolved feelings about her sister's death, and decides to get counseling.